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      Flexible Seal / Mighty Seal


      Roof Sealant
      Application Range: 
      -30F ... to ... +200F
      Flexible Seal is a  single component, solvent based, elastomeric, tripolymer sealant.  Flexible Seal is a high grade,high performance, material used for narrow cracks, small holes, and seams on steel, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood brick, clay and tile substrates applications. Flexible Seal will adhere to most roofing materials and a wide range of common adjacent building material surfaces.  Flexible Seal is also used to resist water and weather elements on residential and commercial roofs.
       Excellent Adhesion
       UV Resistantant
      Mildew  & Fungus Resistant




      All Weather Sealant

      Mighty SealTM is a single component, high performance, gungrade, acrylic urethane elastomeric sealant. Formulated with premium technology, it reduces dirt pickup, eliminates yellowing and “shiners.” It requires no priming to bond to most materials, including concrete, wood and masonry. It has superior adhesion and durability, 50% total joint movement and 800% elongation. Mighty SealTM forms an airtight, water resistant seal, and once cured, the bead is mildew resistant. Mighty SealTM has excellent UV resistance and will not discolor. 

      Exceeds the following:

      ASTM C-920 Grade NS Class 25 

      ASTM C-834 Type OP Grade -182C 

      Fed Spec TTS-00230C, Type S Class A 

      AAMA 808.3