Flexible Seal General Information

 A solvent based single component, primerless, paintable modified Kraton® G elastomeric mastic coating to be applied by caulking gun, brush or rollercoat. Flexible Seal is a high grade high performance, above grade material used for narrow cracks, small holes, and seams on steeL glass, aluminum, concrete, wood brick, clay and tile substrates. Our Brush Grade material is excellent for use where working with a sealant cartridge is excessively time consuming. Tack free in 30-60 minutes. Paintable after 24 hours with latex paint, oil based paint may be applied after 1 week.
For best results Flexible Seal should be applied over sound, clean, dry surfaces using a stiff brush, short nap roller, trowel or squeegee, at a rate of 1 gallon per 50 square feet minimum for optimum aging and waterproofing. Resultant dry sealant should be 20 dry mils minimum. Larger cracks and holes may be bridged by embedding polyester mesh in the Flexible Seal.  
The elastomeric characteristic allows the sealant to expand & contract in the heat of the mid day, followed by a thunderstorm in the afternoon, to the coolness of night, where temperatures may vary 70°F in a matter of hours. Contractors are able to seal between dissimilar surfaces on seams, flashings, drains, vents, gravel guards, or where openings have been created due to aging. The contractor can seal damp surfaces under all types of weather conditions. This product adheres to bricK glass, wood, concrete, fiberglass, steeL aluminum, and most plastics in wet or dry conditions. It may be applied at temperatures as low as -30°F to 200°F.
Flexible Seal contains Kraton® rubber, a polymer that improves fatigue resistance, flexibility, and low temperature.
Paintable after 24 hours with latex paint, oil based paint may be applied after 1 week. Flexible Seal will far outlast traditional asphalt based repair products that will not remain flexible for the long term. Use Flexible Seal Brush Grade in place of "wet patch" roof cement.

Flexible Seal All Purpose Info Sheet