Mighty Seal FAQ's

Is Mighty Seal paintable or stainable?

Yes, it may be painted after the product has been allowed to cure for 4 to 6 hours. This is a significant advantage over other chemistries, particularly silicone and many polyurethanes. It is compatible with most water based coatings & paints such as acrylics, elastomeric coatings & oil based paints. When using semi-transparent/solid stains or oil based paints, always test in a small inconspicuous area.

What is the VOC for Mighty Seal?

It contains <1.5% VOCs; CARB and SCAQMD compliant.

What is the service temperature range of Mighty Seal after cure?
The service temperature range after cure is –40°F to 180°F.
What is the maximum surface temperature for applying Mighty Seal?
It is not recommended to apply Mighty Seal when surface temperature is above 120°F.
What conditions are needed for application of Mighty Seal?
The surface must be clean and dry. Remove all contaminants (dirt, dust, oil, mildew, loose paint, old caulk). Only apply when surface and air temperatures will remain above 40°F. Do not apply on surfaces that are above 120°F. Do not apply on exterior surfaces when rain is immediately expected.