Product Information & Application

Flexible Seal Cartrige Grade & Brush Grade is for exterior use.  Our product will adhere to most roofing materials and a wide range of common adjacent building material surfaces used in the roofing/construction industry.  It's always a good idea to test for compatibility prior to application for best results. 
Flexible Seal is not for use on underwater applications, aquariums or EPDM Rubber Underlayment Membrane Systems.  Before making repairs on RV's Motor Homes or Elevated Roof Decks, check with your manufacturer for warranty & compatibility where a Rubber Membrane has been used.
FOR BEST RESULTS, apply Flexible Seal to a sound clean dry surface.  Flexible Seal may be applied on either a dry area or a damp surface.  The most common mistake is not applying enough product to give a good film build, thus allowing it to displace water.
Joint Depth: Not to exceed 1/4"
Joint Width: Not to exceed 1/4"
Cartridge Coverage: Approximatley 1/4" bead - 31 linear feet
Brush Grade: Flexible Seal Brush Grade* is thinner than our Cartridhe Grade material making easy brushing application.  Coverage apporximately 50 sq.ft per gallon.  It is recommended for brush or roller application that an inexpensive "throw away" brush or roller be used as they will not be able to be cleaned or used again. 
           *See additional information on the Flexible Seal Brush Grade Page attachment below.*
The use of baker rod (use closed cell backer rod) is recommended when the joint width & depth are greater than 1/4".  the use of backer rod will give more flexibility on larger joints and will ensure better adhesion.  the joint should be clean and free of dust & Debris.  Insert the correct size of backer rod into the joint and the backer rod should be snug.  Apply Flexible Seal over the backer rod ensuring enough material is used to give a good seal.
Tooling & Smoothing: Use paint thinner, MEK or 5 drops of liquid dish washing detergent.  when using any solvent material, use caution and keep away from heat, sparks or open flame and use only in well ventilated areas.  For tooling with liquid dish washing detergent, put 5 drops in a glass of water & stir.  Use a light touch to "tool" the material to desired finish/shape.
Painting over Flexible Seal with latex paints after 24-48 hours depending on weather/humidity.  Oil base may be applied after 1 week depending on temperature & humidity.
Cure Time: Approximately 1 week
Clean Up: The use of citrus based hand cleaners, MEK